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The Best of The Best - Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Gowns of 2019

Now we are well into 2020 (it being the 6th January) I think it is the right time to review some of the most beautiful gowns worn by celebs in 2019. With no budget, and the opportunity to have a top designer design a unique gown, some celebrities go all out. However, looking back at some of the gowns worn in 2019 by models, singers and WAGs there are some I am a little dissapointed with. They had the opportunity for say Stella McCartney to design them a unique 'one-off'' gown - yet I could have picked them the dress from my Home Bridal Lounge Forever Dress!

So what about my 5th favourite gown from last year (how wierd does that sound). The gown was designed by Chloe and worn by the singer Ellie Goulding when she married her husband Casper Jopling:

I absolutely love the simplicity of the gown, and it is perfect for where they said their vows - York Minster. I love the unique high neck and the rose beading all over the dress. A winner for me.

My 4th fave was a lace Berta gown worn by Billie Faiers at her Maldives wedding to her partner Greg Shepard. Billie Faiers who made her name from the reality show The Only Way is Essex is now a star of her own TV series, The Mummy Diaries with her sister Sam.

How blumming beautiful does she look! To be fair she would have looked amazing in a paper bag. Whilst I think most people who get married on a beach so for boho/simple Billie stuck to her Essex style and dressed to impress. I LOVE IT!

Dress number 3 has to be that worn by Joel Dommett’s wife Hannah Cooper. It was the perfect princess boho dress for their wedding in the stunning Mykonos. The Rue De Seine gown was handcrafted by the New Zealand born Michele Corty. See their website for more amazing boho styles.

The next 2 gowns I love as much as each other, yet they are so different. Hailey Beiber's gown was made by the designer of 'Off White' Virgil. It has unique features of pearl arrows, which is the Off White logo and also WEDDING DRESS sewn on in pearls on the back in the Off White font. It brough Haileys street style to her Forever Dress. For her last fitting take a look at this video (you also get to see the cool veil she wore).

And the final gown, my fave,.....(banging of the drums)...... is Sophie Turner's wedding dress (GOT Queen of The North) ! The beauty chose a Louis Vuitton gown which captured her GOT style with a full cascading skirt embroidered with floral embellishments and sheer sleeves. She didn't look like a princess in this gown, like most girls dream of! She looked like a QUEEN. If you are going to take inspo from any celebrity gown from 2019 choose Sophie!

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