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The 5 Most Important Things You Need To Know When Getting Married Abroad!

So you have made the decision to get married abroad. Now what?

Well there are lots of things you will need to do over the coming months, but what are the most important? Here are some of those from a bride who has been there, done it, and got the wedding ring!

1) Send your invites out really early. People may use this as their one holiday of the year so need as much notice to plan their trip - send your guests information with options of where to stay and learn the day the flights will be released so everyone can get the best deal. Sending a big group message containing this information makes it easier for you and saves time!

2) Visit the venue - try the food and wine. This is all so important when getting married abroad. You need information about local flowers and what’s in season as this will be different to the UK.

3) Do not get sun burnt before the big day. Nor should you wear anything with straps and get funny tan lines. This does not look good on wedding photos. This includes your bridesmaids too - wear strapless in the sun until the big day and sun cream - no one wants to see a burnt bride!

4) Have a plan B - Don’t assume because you’re getting married abroad it won’t rain. My friend Clare, who got married in Croatia in July said, "It rained all night until 2:30pm on the day of our wedding and I was freaking out - there’s usually an undercover shelter you can use"!

5) Try and plan something for your guests to do all together before or after the big day. F

or Clare a pre-wedding drinks night was the option with afternoon kayaking. It gave guests an opportunity to meet each other - especially as there’s usually a smaller number at abroad weddings - but be careful not to over plan. It’s their holidays too and guests will want to do their own thing. It might be worth getting to know a local when you visit the venue. They maybe able to show you some 'hidden treasures' and get you offers on trips etc for you and your guests.

(Picture to the right is of my son on the chair from the Game Of Thrones which we were lucky enough to visit as part of an abroad wedding/ holiday)

Thanks to real life bride Clare for her input on this blog. Asking advice from a real life abroad bride makes you get a different perspective on the important bits. There are a few other things you also need to consider which I have bullet pointed below:

  • Remember you need to take things out there with you so think about baggage allowance. Are favours really important when you’re getting married in such a beautiful location? No so put the money towards extra drinks or something instead xx

  • Be prepared to do all your communication through email

  • Get to know the area with a local

  • Check the legalities - there maybe a certain time you have to get married at or from!

  • Choose the right dress! Whether you are getting married on the beach or in a hotel, if it is 28 degrees you will more than likely not want a huge ballgown (remember you have to get it out there to)!

I hope you enjoyed the read and you get some great pointers and ideas from today's blog :-)

Danielle xoxo

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