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"No fascinators or hats at my wedding!"

After a recent Social Media post I saw where a Bride was asking for advice on how to word nicely that she did not want any of her wedding guests to wear fascinators or hats, because she didn't like them, I started to think about what can/ can't you ask from your guests!

How specific can your invite be?

Dress Code is not something every wedding invite will include, but it can be there. The most common dress codes are "black tie", "formal attire", "cocktail dress", or if the wedding is more casual then "casual attire". These dress codes are very open to interpretation when it comes to styling, so is it okay for the Bride/Groom to be more specific on dress code?

How would you feel, as a guest, if you received an invite that said "no heals allowed", or "no pink outfits"? Would you feel like you were back at school being told what you can and cannot wear! Surely as the Bride or Groom you want your wedding guests to feel comfortable and most importantly have fun celebrating your big day.

So as a Bride (or Groom) when writing your invites think about being the person on the receiving end and remember the whole point of the wedding is to celebrate the love of two people. Does it really matter if a few people are wearing fascinators?!

Inspiration from Eve Tanner Print

For wedding invitations check out: https://www.instagram.com/evetannerprint/

Have a great day

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