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From working closely with a Make Up Artist (MUA) recently, it came to my attention even more how some people want everything for nothing! I understand wanting a bargain, I am known as the bargain queen by some of my friends for what I find, and of course I run Forever Dress which sells bargain designer gowns! However, can you really be getting a bargain when you are booking your MUA for THE BIG DAY, or, do you get what you paid for!

When you are booking a MUA you are not only booking her/his time, but also their expertise which includes the quality of the make-up they use.If you are a bride on a tight budget you may not even consider spending money on a MUA and decide to do your own make-up, or get a friend to do it. But if you do have money to put towards the MUA make sure you do your research, speak to the MUA's you are interested in and most importantly look at their Instagram! Most MUA now showcase most of their clients on Instagram, more so than their website. It is a brilliant place to start when looking for a MUA in your area - #Lancashiremua, #northwestmua

You need to decide what style of make-up you want; bold and brave, au natural, or somewhere in the middle. Here are previews of Instagram accounts of two MUA I have worked with:

So the big question, what is the average price of a MUA in the North-West? From research and from talking to MUA, they seem to average around £50 for the bride and £40 for bridesmaids. I have found some MUA charging as little as £35 and as much as £65 for the bride, with a similar range for the bridesmaids.

In conclusion:

1. Do your research

2. Be open minded about the cost (you get what you pay for)

3. As soon as you find a MUA that you like get booked in, popular MUA generally get booked up quite quickly especially in the summer months.

4. If you are having a lot of bridesmaids try and negotiate a price!


Top Picture Credits:

Photography: Nessworthy Photography

Make- Up: Nicola Jane Make-Up Artist

Hair:Hair by Angelagh

Hair Accessories: Charlotte Farr Bridal Accessories

Flowers: Jeanette's Florist

Dress: Forever Dress

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